Ducks are humans like everybody.

& Herbert








A star who has dedicated her life to magic

Alyson the star

Alyson is a magician who could have traveled the world if she was not born in a lost hole near Tarragona in Spain…

You are all my life

“Me, Herbert, I promise to make you discover the world and to allow you to be the artist that you always wanted to be …”

Alyson is naughty

Beware of his beautiful eyes. This lady knows how to divert your attention and turn a failed number into success…

& herbert

a consecrated life for Alyson

The star manager

I am also his manager, driver, props, assistant, feed and torch ass …

For you…

I would go around the world even if I would prefer to stay in Tarragona to play chess.

I learn every day

In 20 years with Alyson, I know all her secrets, but I would never be as good as her.

A magic show

…with magic inside.

The duck is the largest rodent ...

Herbert is a funny and endearing character whose loneliness and depth make this magic trick an attraction that goes well beyond the technical feat yet amazing.


It is certain that with all these plummets, it is necessary to be a stone not to crack …


If it makes you laugh, know that I never understood why!


The technique of this magician duck will surprise both lovers of magic and passionate lovers of love


Nothing proves that the duck is less an animal than us.


How to seduce the little ones with a duck?

How to seduce the biggest with a handkerchief?


As light as a feather: 2 trepters, a tray and cardboard.

Go to las vegas…

Alyson participates in Penn & Teller show: Fool us.

Alyson go to Fool us...

The dream of Alyson is finally realized … Will Herbert be up to it?

for change my life…

Alyson changed my life. She can change yours !

A star is born

Do you wonder how Herbert ever crossed Alyson? The answer in video.

A message for Alyson…

Herbert will give her, she can not read yet.